Porsche Restorations

Porsche is a unique class of cars which sets car owners different from others, getting this vehicle rebuilt and in good condition is a good decision.

Our decision to help rebuild and restore your classic Porsche is after thorough planning and innovation. We know you cherish your Porsche car, that’s why you want it to be in an ideal condition that will attract admiration from your family and friends.

We have more than two decades of experience dealing with customization and design of different types of Porsches and making our customers happy.

Your satisfaction is our goal and we are ready to advise you on the best way to go about it. Are you seeking affordable parts within your budget, you can talk to us today.

Porsche Restoration

Our service centre has an excellent engine and gearbox department which allows easy restoration of your classic Porsche. We can help design and complete all your Porsche restorations within a short while. Before we deliver them back to you, we ensure it is analyzed and kept in our temperature-controlled service center.

Though, times of design and rebuild differ depending on the specifications required.Moreover, if you are seeking finance options to make funding easy, you can talk to us.

Furthermore, aside from the 356 Porsche restorations, other Porsche restorations we rebuilt are the 964s,959s, 2.7 MFI Carrera’s and 964 prototypes. You can talk to us today about your Porsche needs.

Porsche Restoration 911

Our Porsche restoration services

When it comes to the renovation and restoration of Porsche, we are the best service to call. We deal in several old Porsche models and bring them back to life looking like recent models, here are some Porsche models we deal in:

911 Porsche restorations

We deal in all 911 RS Porsche models and other classic Porsche models. The process of rebuilding this classic model is detailed and we tailor our services based on your specifications. When we are finished with the designs, car owners will be satisfied with our designs and building services.

912 Porsche restorations

Asides from the 911 series we also help rebuild and design the 912 series using the latest car modeling designs available. When completed your 912 Porsche will be like a new car that will appeal to your friends.

Porsche Restoration 912
Porsche Restoration 356

356 Porsche restorations

We engage in all categories of 356 restorations including upholstery and engine transmission repair. We have a fully-functioning service center where you can see many 356s.

We aim to ensure that these 356 Porsche are usable and can compete with recent models. We also offer many spare parts for these series and theories are affordable.

Call us today for all your 911,912, 356 and other Porsche models today.